I need help evolving a kadabra

Trading Name: TiitusPelaa

Offer: Temporary trade just want a alakazam

Request: nothing

Further info:i know it can be evolved in the black mart but im not yet there and i need it for a gym please help.

Hey i can help u but my dexnav online category says i need the new version .

Hey, I’m in the same boat. I want to evolve my Kadabra and my Haunter. I’m happy to help.

Trade name is esyn

You do know that there’s a Witch Doctor in the Black Market that evolve trade evolutions for free, right?

I’m in the same boat, wanting to evolve my Kadabra and Haunter. I’m stuck in Vipek city as the poison types wall my Azumarill who is my best hitter, and my Kadabra keeps getting outsped due to 0 speed IVs sad Wanna trade?

Hey i can help are u online?

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