I need a shiny

Trading Name: lordpumpkin

Offer: 10 heart scales (can change accordingly)

Request: any shiny (idc about the nature, iv, ev whatever)

Further info: i just need one for stonks

Dude you want a shiny for some heart scales? Im not sure anyone here is generous enough to do that

would you be able to change your offer to pp 10 pp ups?

i can do 4 pp ups and any other iv&ev raisers like that

not really worth tbh, even if it was a trash shiny. needs better offers. most people do shiny to shiny trade anyways

also fyi, 10 heart scales is like 3 cc runs, so pretty much worthless.

Yeah sorry, man. Until you get enough valuable resources, your only option for a shiny appears to be hunting one yourself. I recommend the Friend Safari, as even with standard odds it shouldn’t take more than a few hours to find one

I…might have a few shinies around in my boxes that I got while phasing for the MANY eevee that I hunted for. Lots of sentret and zangoose that I remember. I think I can give you one of those

ok, for whut

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