I need a set for Armored Tyranitar

Any ideas?

You could run a bulky mixed attacker set:

Tyranitar @ Armor Ability: Sand Stream EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpA (or 4 Atk / 252 SpA if you want a special focus) Brave/Quiet Nature

  • Crunch
  • Stone Edge
  • Ice Beam
  • Fire Blast

I can’t say what exactly would be best without knowing the rest of your team. For example, are your 5 other mons physical attackers? In that case go fully special, etc.

Use T Tar’s bulk to your advantage. Stealth Rocks are a big one, give him Stealth Rocks. If you can get it onto him Dragon Dance would be another necessity. Crunch and Stone Edge/Rock Slide for attacks, and if you didn’t get Dance, then give him Earthquake.

I’m buying a Jolly Larvitar with DDance, Earthquake, and Rock Slide.

In that case, slap crunch on there, maybe replace Rock Slide with Stone Edge, invest in Atk and Speed, and there’s your set :slight_smile:

In one battle simulator long long ago, I used a Tyranitar with Curse, Rest, Sleep Talk, Payback. Careful nature, EVs in HP and Sp. Def. It worked nicely as a mixed wall / win condition, paired with a physical wall cleric for those times where you need to switch while asleep. Shrugged off anything that wasn’t Fighting or a super effective+STAB wallbreaker. I can see this kind of thing being great with armor.

Given the current state of TMs in Insurgence, the loss of infinite sandstorm, and the crazy mega evolutions we now have, I’d do this:

Adamant / Impish nature EVs: 252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Atk

Curse Payback Stone Edge Earthquake / Iron Head

The idea is to bring it in on something it forces out, Curse on the switch, survive a hit, and hit back really hard. Or get a second Curse up if you don’t feel too threatened by what popped out. For a benchmark, after one Curse, an Adamant Mega Metagross will deal about 45% with Meteor Mash, but will eat 115% from Payback (guaranteed OHKO).

Curse and Iron Head are egg moves.