I need a nocturne incense or a delta budew

Trading Name: 0ren

Offer: any base-form delta starter holding an IV stone or dream mist (you choose)

Request: Anything while holding the nocturne incense (afterwards I will give the pokemon and incense back) OR a delta budew

Further info: I didn’t realize dark cave was the only place to get it, I sold it when I was low on money

does it need to be a budew? i have a modest or timid bredmon d roselia id trade for an iv stone

yes, you don’t need incense to get more roselia so I effectively have infinite, sorry

Why do you need a budew specifically? Did you somehow miss the one in the library for the pokedex?

In any case, I can get you one without any problem. I’d take a delta squirtle with the dream mist if that’s what you’re offering. Although, if you want it to be bred well (perfect IVs/specific nature) I’d prefer a delta deino.

Maybe they’re doing a living Dex?

I forgot those were a thing.

So, yeah. Trade name is Jaqzz, let me know when you’re on, 0ren.

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