I need a good delta with good typings

Trading Name: Vihaan

Offer: Torchic

Request: Any good delta

Further info: I know that torchic is really rare and I am willing to give mine.

Torchic isn’t really rare. You can just catch blazekin and breed it with a ditto.

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oh ;-;

then im just stupid right @Emerald241111

Not stupid you just didn’t know

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Delta scythed, delta heatmor, delta medicham(which is a f*cling beast btw), and so on are p good. I could breed you one. Torchic as emerald said isn’t worth much, you got like 2 iv stones?

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I could give something else, Idk???
I dont have too many 1v stones but will grind. Is that ok @Boggaspotatoe

Also, I have 2 dream mists. Would you like the,?

yeah sure thats fine, take your time. but dont @ me, its kinda annoying

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Oh ok. I will give the 2 dream mist at aroun 9:30 pm, is that ok?

when are you ready to take the mists?

uhhh will 7pm do?

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7pm tomorrow?

7pm IST, different timezone

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basically in 7-8hrs cuz my pc is being used rn

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oh ok. I am in America so that would be around 5am, not possible.

ah. 8am your time? after that i dunno

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I got to sleep sometime in the next century.

Maybe if I wake up in time, idk.