I need a AMEWsing joke (proud of that one....)

So i wanted to make the perfect Full On offensive mew to backup my team for type advantages… i am currently going against calreath and so far my mega manectric just sweeps all his water types but cant do anything else and i keep losing to him.

Current mew: Lvl 70, no items, mild nature,evs &ivs: 4/6 for hp and 1/2 for speed and then all 0s, current moveset: Frost breath, Ancient power, Draco Jet and sword’s dance.

I am mostly having trouble with his stupid, dirty, volt switching HELOLISK

If you absolutely hate Heliolisk, it is straight up deleted by Breloom’s technician mach punch, but Breloom is in turn quadruple weak to his dragonite’s STAB hurricane.

If you have two team slots, I think a focus sash Weavile should be able to outspeed and 2-hit KO the dragonite when Breloom goes down, and then force his Goodra to rest if you conserve it for that purpose.
Alternatively, assuming his dragonite doesn’t have max defense investment, which, looking at his sets, he probably doesn’t, a max Atk choice band weavile should be capable of OHKO-ing it even through multiscale, assuming you are at a similar level, but there’s a chance you’ll try it and be disappointed. But break the multiscale with stealth rock or a mach punch from breloom, and you’ll have a guaranteed OHKO in just about any circumstances.
If you go with the second plan, your weavile should be able to nab a guaranteed OHKO on his Goodra, so long as you can switch it in safely, either when you’ve predicted a toxic or forced it to rest

You should be able to find Breloom in route 10 without much trouble, and you can either get Weavile in the safari zone, or sneasels in an appropriate friend safari

thank you!