I ned help whit the elit 4

Trading Name: Lolinglel

Offer: anithing

Request: a pokemon thet will swep elit 4

Further info: i will give it back

Having one pokemon to sweep the elite 4 isn’t really gonna help that much, as all of their pokemon will become the level of your highest level pokemon. This means having one level 120 pokemon and five level 90 pokemon will mean you fight six level 120 pokemon.

oh then that mens that i can have six lvl 1 pokes and they will be lvl 1 ???

The minimum level is 88.

oh I now what to do i will heve lv lvl ratata whit endevor and an atack thet atack first can i do that ???

You could try a FEAR Rattata strategy, but let me say this:

The enemies aren’t dumb.

They know how to use status conditions. They know how to use weather. They know how to buff when it’s obvious. They know how to make strategies of their own.

Only use that strategy if you want to lose.

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