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I’m getting Shield!

So, I know it’s been a year since it came out, but I wanted to know, what is the best optimal team? Typewise that is, not considering EVs and IVs and Natures. I’m thinking of

Mr. Rime


Toxtricity is kinda slow and pretty frail, though if you’re slightly overleveled, you should still outspeed. Hits like a truck. Just make sure to get Boomburst, it hits harder than STAB Overdrive. So you prefer Rilla? OK, decent speed and bulk, massive attack. Try to get an Ability Patch on this dude cuz Grassy Glides will wipe anything that doesn’t resist them, especially with a SD or Band. Also, he deals with the second gym, Nessa. So, for FWG, I would get a water type, as the 3rd gym is Kabu, a Fire type leader. Tympole seems to be fairly common, and only has 1 weakness when fully evolved. Another slow and bulky heavy hitter. If you run this, it helps with Raihan. You could get Corphish/Krabby, which are faster and hit harder. Though, if you get Corphish, give it Adaptability, then it destroys any neutral targets. A Fire type will help with the Ice leader, Melony, as will a fighting type to help with the Dark leader, Marnie. Sizzlipede works fine here, just watch out for rocks. You pick the fighting type. You could also give Rilla Brick Break, Drain Punch, or Superpower, though you will want to switch afterwards. If you’re on Switch Mode, you should be fine.

I recommend getting Roookidee over Copperajah, as you get it very early on, and Steel Flying is a very good typing. Also, it helps with Milo. Since you probably aren’t gonna bother with tanks, run a Bulk Up set with Brave Bird/Drill Peck, Body Press/Power Trip/Iron Head, and Roost. Also, Slowpoke/king-Galar is probably better than Mr. Rime as a Psychic type, though it lacks Ice coverage. Hatenna is another good one. I prefer Slow Galar cuz it helps with the Fairy leader though. If you have Tox, that shouldn’t be too much of an issue, as long as you outspeed. You should probably be fine to Raihan, I might bring a ground type though.

SlowG/Hattenna/Toxtricity(Tox is fine here imo, Slow is neutral to Psychic though)
Ground type(Runerigus?)/Filler

Note: I haven’t played the game myself, I’m just looking at what the wikis say, though IDK about the Wild Area and how that works. Just do whatever ig, just prep for those gyms.

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First of all, lemme just say, you are very awesome. The only thing is…Tox is my most fave Galar mon, and I’ve used corviknight waaaaay too much for my own good. Mr rime is a cool ice type, so I added it, but I get what you are sayin. And I wanna run an all galar team, cause I like doin that for every Gen. But I’ll take your advice and use what you recommended, but I think I’ll just ditch them after their respective gyms.

KK, I would keep a water type on your team, IDK what, cuz it’s def helpful. Any water works, dunno, can’t think of anything other than Arrokuda off the top of my head. I definitely would replace Seisimitoad/Crawdaunt if you can get it.

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