I lost my saves and idk how to recover them

Not sure if this will help or how this works.

But basically, I had so much time put into my game, I accidentally deleted older versions of the game (1.2.2 and 1.2.3) and only had 1.2.5 in my PC. I deleted permanently from my recycling bin. I deleted the Zips and the extracted files and when I managed to recover them with some third party, the saves still were not there when I attempted to locate them. Did they get lost somewhere? How can I even tell which they are?? I really want these back, I spent so much time and idk what to do now.

The saves are not kept with the game file itself. They go under C:\Users\[User Name]\Saved Games\Pokemon Insurgence. The file name will be game.rxdata. If those are deleted, I’m not sure what you can do, but deleting the game files would not have gotten rid of the saves.

I found out where they are but they weren’t in the save files, I moved them back but it brought some errors and talked about the screen? Thank you for answering btw!

No problem! I’m not sure how to help with the errors issue, but here’s hoping you can find some assistance with that. Have a good night!