I just started, help me start a team?

So far i have a delta charmander, and that is it. Give me a good team, it doesnt have to be competitive. Thanks in advance> :slight_smile:

Durant and Azumarill are both good Pokemon which can be obtained early game. They both cover several of Delta Charmander’s weakness and get good level-up moves. Rock-types are strong against the first three gyms.

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I personally suggest choosing a pokemon or two to center your team around and begin building your team as you progress. If you’re looking for good pokemon, you can check my giveaway to get some.

S/he’s building his/her team around a Delta Charmander. But yeah, maybe choose one more mon that has ok synergy w/ d. char… wild noob is right durant and azu are great.

try to see if any one wants there delta Misdreavus also try to get froakie or frogadier

I suggest you to use Vivillon! The nature can be Modest or Timid, and the ability must Compoundeyes. Because it can increase the accuracy of useful move like Sleep Powder and Hurricane. And last, the moves are Sleep Powder, Quiver Dance, Bug Buzz, and Hurricane. Trust me, it can be a super sweeper!

While vivillon is decent, it’s not really that good in higher tiers. There are usually a lot better options for bug or flying types than vivilion (ex mega flygon)

D. Charamander gets a mega-evolution later on that comes with a new weather–Darkness

it boosts dark and ghost moves by 35%, weakens fairy moves by 25%, doubles the effectiveness of Hone Claws, and boosts the power of Surf by 50%–this last is due to the name of the move that sets it, New Moon.

One route is to collect pokemon that benefit from this weather, such as durant, gastly, and later Delta scyther and Delta Roserade

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Try not to bring posts that are many weeks old back alive, the person already has a good team by now anyway

You forgot to mention that the move Lunar Cannon (which is basically a dark-type Solarbeam) can be used in this weather without needing a turn to charge up. Also note that Delta Charizard will get the move by level up