I just started a new mono-fairy run, team help!

So, I just finished with the Trainer School, my current team is
Delta Ivysaur
Delta Dwebble/Cake

Any suggestions? or anything else…I would like to get a Delta Phantump with Overcoat, Delta Purrloin, any ability, and Delta Pikachu with Gale Wings

You could pick Scarf Gardevoir as your Revenge Killer.

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maybe…but remember, i’m early game and i would like to use some new pokemon

Maybe I can do the phantump

Ask someone to trade so you can get HA Dwebble. It is worth it, I promise.

simple? ik

I mean…Roserade might be good

Gardevoir is the next good fairy and there aren’t isn’t many fairy pokemon in general.

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Mega Mawile?

You have to wait for the stone tho.

I can give her one, since I don’t plan on using mega Mawile anytime soon.

Still can’t use it till beating Taen, without Mega, it’s kinda bad.

um…I’m a boy, not a girl

I think jojo was referring to Mawile

ah, k whatevs, just clarifying

Sorry for the troll, but don’t worry, once I troll a person, I don’t use trolls on them anymore, I usually only do it the first battle to gauge a person’s personality and reactions.

ezlas version of a vibe check

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??? IDK what that means, I’m just gauging personality and play style.