I have two questions

In the Holon Pyramid there was a stone tablet on the top floor that required something to be inputted, two I just finished capturing Groudon and Volcanion but I’m still not finding a note inside the Perfection base. I’ve gone to the laboratory and clicked around but still no note appearing. Am I still missing something?

The answer to the stone console is SEKHMET and to find the note in the perfection base, defeat taen in the dragon ruins twice and finish Holon’s story

Still need to finish the Holon story so probably one of the reasons I ain’t finding the note. And the stone tablet for the bottom and top floors are the same answer?

I think so? I only found a console on the bottom floor

There’s one on the top floor as well. :open_mouth:

If you’re talking about the one that has 4 colors, the solution is yellow yellow red blue.

the one on the top floor is a combination of colors i cant remember which ones it was i just put in all the possible combinations until i got the right one

Yeah that one. I’m bad at puzzles, also why I haven’t finished the Meloetta puzzles cause that s— is hard. Does capturing Meloetta actually require finishing those?

Yup. 8 of them.

Then I doubt I’ll get Meloetta any time this year. My brother was the one better with that type of puzzle, I get stuck with the damn Mew puzzle cause I swear his head looks exactly the same using both pieces.

Thanks for that, I suppose. Why is it that every time you click on the puzzle the directional-pad changes place on it. It’s hard to maintain figuring it out if you don’t have a sequence you can actually follow.