I HATE challenge championship

I am trying to get delta golett because is the last delta i need,so i need the tube pass,so i need to win one time on the challenge championship,ONE time,and is IMPOSSIBLE,i am using the truant entreinment strategy and when i get to the last battle i lose,i went against eliza one time,i was like okay i have a ground type whit earthquake,easy fight,then i did it,and lost to her mega zebstrika on what i almost sure is 1 HP,and that is why i hate eliza,sorry for bad english

Damn you hate me . . .

Joking. Just ask for trades.


if you really want D.Golurk

the problem is,i want to get delta golurk by myself

Oh ok. What do you want to use? You can work with that

a durant whit truant,i have one level 55 but it dosent have a nature that increases speed,if i remember correclyt the nature it has actually decreasses speed

Well. Breeding for a nature? or in the hidden grotto. Use a sync mon (a pokemon with the ability synchronize will have a chance of finding a wild pokemon with the same ability the mon has.) alot of people use this when hunting shinies.)

did you mean nature?
but okay,i think i gonna try breeding because i dont want to try to catch another durant

Yes thats what i meant.

I was joking bcause my name is eliza

oh,cool,nah i dont hate you,i hate the 4th gym leader in unova,cant wait to wreck her in my pokemon white whit a excradil

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Best way is stick it in the gatcha and hope you roll to a jolly nature

ok,hope i dont get the shiny thing,that will be a waste on whaterver pkmn gets that,because its not really a actual shiny