I got to shadow mewtwo with this team

Just if someone wants some hints to create his own team.

Sheer Force
Life Orb
252/4/252 SAtk SDef Speed
Naive Nature
Earth Power
Calm Mind/ Focus Blast
Sludge Wave

Delta Dragonite
Swift Swim
Air Balloon
252/252/4 HP Atk Def
Relaxed Nature
Thunder Wave
Wild Charge
Aqua Jet

252/252/4 HP Atk Def
Docile Nature
Knock Off
Sucker Punch
(Custom Move) Type Ice

Just enjoy Landorus.


This looks good,
but most people use the durant entrainment strat
You can ask them on discord, and its pretty easy to beat with that strat cause the ai is bad

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Yeah i know it, just wanted to achieve this like a real challenge u know, i changed the team a lot of times just to make a solid three.

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Pretty Cool Team!

Thank you!

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I’m not so shure about D.Dragonite. Can you explain why you chooses this set in particular?

of course mate, firstly this was the nature that i got from the dratini, and i didnt wanna put the effort on soft resetting or breeding a better one, so i decided to make it a bulky dragonite, then the moveset just putting a priority, two stabs and the paralysis that helped me to get my spiritombs’ sucker punch with more priority than my oponents’. Im very amazed with how bulky dragonite is, and how much it helped in the challenge. 100% recommend.

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Given your Landorus nature, you should give him Knock Off and send Spiritomb in lead to hopefully boost the damages.

I… Don’t know about D.Dragonite. I only wonder if there was something more… Optimal. Somehow, I have this voice telling me a slow and bulky rainless Swift Swim user doesn’t fits right. He defenetly need Drizzle Support to show his potential.

Let me suggest something. I can give you sets details if anything interest you.
In all of my attempts at similar challenges, there was one thing clear: Focus Sash Protean Greninja. It wreaks havoc on the lower level teams while being able to strike twice most of the time. This is a top tier lead.

Next, the Mega. To be true, I don’t like Mega Spiritomb. Shure, he got insane damages, but I feel like he is too easy to handle in some case. I’ve seen very good results with Mega Kangaskan and Mega Loppuny. Kangaskan has bulk equal to Mega Rayquaza, does MASSUVE damage tanks to its ability and has an attacking Swords Dance with Power Up Punch. Never underestimate the Mega rabbit too. Thanks to Scrappy, she hits ANY Pokémon for at least neutral damages with her STAB Return and Hi Jump Kick. And thanks to Fake Out, she can Méga Evolve in safety to adjust her blazing high speed.
Other notable ones include Mega Ruingross with Hobe Claws, Head Smash, Wood Hammer while having Rock Head. MĂ©ga Bisharp is and interesting Moxie Sweeper while Mega Typhlosion does that in the special side. Finally, Bulky Mega Scizor and Mega Salamence are all strong and bulky sweepers.

Finally, Extreme Killer Delta Arcanine is super good to clean late game, Choice Scarf D.Noctowl has No Guard + Sheer Cold while outspeeding few key Pokémon, D.Volcarona has nearly no weakness, the list goes on. There are even bulkyer alternative like the unkiklable Eviolite Porygon2, Bulk Up D.Snorlax or Aegislash. It depends on your two other choices.

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Sorry for answering this late, I took a break from insurgence.
Being truth that this D Dragonite set doesnt get the most from his potential, it gets the most he can give to the team.
You are right in everything that you have said if this challenge was made with random teams, but it isnt, there are a limited number of trainers with the same teams, for example, I tried Mega Salamence, the one mega who gave me a 100 winstreak in S/M, in this challenge, it is useless, wall’d by the steel and rock trainers.
The main problem I had trying to get a mon set up and sweep all the trainers was that a lot of pokemons have sturdy in this challenge, like, a lot, and you just cant.
Focus sash greninja is a great choice, didnt even think of it, but it would have made my team so fragile, I mean, CPU is well rounded in some trainers.
Delta Volcarona, may sound wrong but, just doesnt hit hard enough if its armored.
And just a final thing, No Guard doesnt work with OHKO moves.