I found an awesome randomized shiny!

Earlier today I found a shiny Dialga! It was really cool and from what I heard super rare. https://66.media.tumblr.com/da6b3b40928db6539ed2605be7539b04/tumblr_oefxggwfez1uapnrfo1_400.jpg Here’s the picture of it! Just thought I’d share it since it was a totally random find and I wasn’t even looking for it at all.

:^) nice

@flygonite omg hi

Wow cool!


how did u find a dialga?? Are legendaries just randomly encountered??

Only legendary currently available in 1.2 without challenge modes enabled is thundurus. OP probably caught it in a randomizer challenge(you can’t trade from that) mode.

I encountered this on a randomizer. I know it’s probably against the rules but I just had to show it of all things that could be shiny it was a dialga

Not against the rules whatsoever. You aren’t allowed to boast about, say, an arceus you found because legends in a randomizer aren’t too rare. However, a shiny legend is like… 1/56000 ?

Oh my : 0 that’s some high numbers…I would only post about shinies or questions on this website though. I wouldn’t boast about an encounter that’s easily obtainable during a randomizer.