I draw YOUR pokemon team!

Hi! I’m an artist (you can find me on instagram: Lorenzo_Lia_Art) and I drawed myself with my favourite pokemons plus a bonus :dragon:,if you want me to draw you with your team or some of them feel free to ask here or in my instagram! :wink:


gliscor likes rare candies and you like to break the rules u have 7 mons looks cool anyways

yea the legendary isn’t in my team, it’s a bonus XD

damn that’s some extremely good art!

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I love this! could u please draw my team of

  1. Ash Greninja
  2. Furret
  3. Dusk Lycanroc
  4. Aegislash
  5. Noivern
  6. Luxray
    It would also be cool if u made a Mega Rayquaza in the Background just like this!
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cool team bro but I can’t draw for free, it’s my work, for info about the prices you can DM me on instagram or email: lorenzolia89@gmail.com :v:

ah ok. well then its ok. I cant really pay so yeah…