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I don't know where to report bugs but I found one

I found a softlock right before you go to holon when you talk to the professor from the behind

She will normally walk towards the station but when you stand in her way she doesn’t push you out of the way or walks past you… She.Softlocks.You

Please help me I have 73 hours in this game and a shiny I don’t want to lose it

Did you save? If not then I think you might be able to reload it.

^^ as anodd asked, as long as you didn’t save too many times, you should be able to load a backup:

■■■■ I saved more than 3 times in the softlock
Does this mean I have basically lost my gameprogress

aww yuck, sorry but yeah I can’t help you. Just remember for next time, don’t save more than once when you softlock yourself :confused:

why did you save?