I Could Use A Little Help (Ubers Teambuilding)

I just joined, and I sometimes played Ubers/AG on Showdown but I’ve never played in Insurgence before. Does anyone have any tips for Ubers teambuilding here?

Insurgence tier lists

Basically, Mega Flygon and Mega Bisharp are Ubers, all others are OU. Mega Flygon is basically just an obscenely powerful special wallbreaker with a 50% boost to sound moves like Boomburst. It gets a special sound move called Drakon Voice, which essentially gives it a 150 base power STAB move. Mega Bisharp gets some speed and attack and the ability Moxie, which boosts it attack and allows it to spiral out of control if switched in at the right time. Mega Reuniclus is somewhat usable because of its ability to completely flip speed tiers around, but gets easily trapped by Mega Gengar.