I cant start my game

I cant seem to start my game. I start it and it just loads for like 0.5 seconds. Nothing pops up it just loads for a bit but does not start the game. I do not want to start a new game I am in the post elite four section of the game. I restarted it one time and had to do the entire game again. There are no back ups in my saved games. please solve my problem

  • Open Control Panel
  • Search for Advanced System Settings
  • Click the only result (should have a shield icon)
  • Go to Advanced
  • First option should say Performance, click Settings, this opens a new window
  • Go to Data Execution Prevent
  • Click the “Add…” button
  • Add the game executable
  • Press apply/OK, restart the game

It still is not working. I did all your steps.

Try running it as admin.

still, not working

try copying your save file and then reinstall your game hopefully it works