I can't open the game

I was playing the game when my pc crashed, so i had to turn it off and on again. When i tried to enter the game after that it won’t let me do it. It says the next message: "(TypeError, “incompatible marshal file format (can’t be read)\n\tformat version 4.8 required; 0.0 given”, ("Section059:2145:in ‘oldload’ ",Section059:2145:in ‘load’ ", "Section147:75:in ‘pbSetUpSystem’ ", "Section147:74:in ‘open’ " , "Section 147:74:in ‘pbSetUpSystem’ " , “Section147:263”)).

I have tried to fix it by installing the game again, but it doesn’t work, it keeps saying the same. Any idea or solution to this problem? If it’s possible, i’d rather not loose my saved games.

Thank you

Load a backup save