I cant move

Help cant move character

Kinda need more detail in order to help you

i cant move my character in insurgence

But like… where are you. Did you enter a cutscene? What are the pokemon in your party? What modes are you on? What OS are you playing with? What version of the game? Where did you download?

No cutscene pokemon in party are:Delta Charizard Delta Aipom Delta Scizor Armored Flygon Rapidash Cacturne. Normal mode Perfection base Version 1.2.3 and can’t backup save

try resetting the game where you last saved, it should reset it and put you back, unless you saved where you are in which i recommend trying to fly, escape rope, waterfall, surf, rock climb, anything. If none work then contact a developer with screenshot.

yea thanks,where do i find the developer?

no clue, google? They might have an email