I can't beat the champion at all

My team:

Delta Scizor (M):

Blizzard Focus Blast Close Combat False Swipe

Delta Volcarona

Corrode Toxic Spices Hyperspace Hole Spacial Rend

Delta Greninja

Flamethrower Blaze Kick Grass Whistle Leaf Blade


Aura Sphere Shadow Claw Shadow Force Dark Matter

Delta Haxorus

Swords Dance Custom Steel Move Crunch Aqua Tail


Nasty Plot Psychic Earthquake Shadow Ball

With this team i can’t manage to beat the champion at all (first attempt). Also a lot of my pp is out because i have no money left to afford full restores.

Any solutions? I would really appreciate it!

I swept Reruka with a Volcanora (Giga Drain, Quiver Dance, Fiery Dance, Bug Buzz). Just get it to 3.5 times sp atk and sp def and it’s over

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xD forgot i made this thread. I made a new team anyway so going to try challenge it with that.

Good luck

I beat him with the following team:

Electrivire (Livewire, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Low Kick)

Delta Snorlax, its Thick Fat ability makes it perfect for taking down dragons (Seed Bomb, Play Rough, Belly Drum, Body Slam)

Mega Gengar, not the best set (Hex, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Sludge Bomb)

Volcarona (one of the best Pokemon in my opinion)

Delta Ludicolo, this beast can take out anything that uses status moves and potentially sweeps with Stored Power (Acupressure, Water Spout, Stored Power, and Aura Sphere)

Armored Tyranitar, hands down the craziest defensive Pokemon I’ve ever seen (Roar, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Crunch)

Use a proper team, like as shown.


w00t on earth is that pokemon on the 2nd row in the middle?

Delta bisharp

I c i c, btw i’m using this team now

all breeded and levelling them all up to 87-88

Why do you have a Delta with much higher Attack stats with Blizzard, Focus Blast and False Swipe?