I beg of you a Chimchar, don't care the lvl

Trading Name: Alexa

Offer: Um I got a shiny steelix that I will trade. If you want something else just let me know

Request: I just really like Infernape and have not been able to get in from the Murk forest hidden grotto because bad luck is bad. Hence I request someone takes pity on my poor soul and trade me anything from the Inferape/Monferno/Chimchar line

Further info:

I got a chimchar… and monferno, so , wich one do u want ??

Don’t care which one, umm Chimchar is fine??

ok, chimchar, i will send u right now but u have to be connected: trading name: zbluered

Think my trade name is actually Alexa.Ish, am currently connected (I think)
Sorry it’s my first trade with Insurgence so I am a little all over the place lol

ok ok u have to go to click ur dexnav, then u login … then at the same time we trade the trade name is the id: with the id u get logged ; i’m online right now ::::::::::: ur trade id: is alexa.ish (right???) ;;;; my id: trade is zbluered

I believe my trade ID is Alexa.Ish, that’s my username and I assume there is no difference (also not sure if caps matter), also didn’t realize I needed to have to pokemon in my party, give me a minute

Ok now have the Steelix in my party and am connected, sorry for all the trouble lol

I want to give u the momferno, do u want ?? like a gift

Sure that would be awsome, I really love that line so thanks so much :slight_smile:

ok, trade me with any pokemon u want no matter what level

Thank you so much!! Have a great day

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was a pleasure :slight_smile:

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