I am pissed

so i was in the nyx fight. after being swiftly destroyed i prepared for hours.

trained my ev’s i reseted my iv’s

i go in the fight…

and the damn aurorus freezes me 5 times in a row…

i am very pissed.


just use d gardevior

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it got a nature that lowers sp.attack

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then D gallade if male

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already garde

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… well ask someone for a d garde with timid nature

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besides im close to winning i just got
really unlucky that try.

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If you haven’t already, read this for help.

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hey this might be unrelated but i tought iv’s are set from the start. and you can only change it by reseting iv’s right?

wait i think i know now.

forget that.

oh yeah i was confused about this if yall wanna know.

didnt iv reset this so i was pretty confused but i get it now.