I am looking for delta ralts

someone can deal with that? I’d offer good mons in exchange for him/her

I have one if you want. But beforehand: which gender do you want? I ask because you need a male to get Delta Gallade

Oh, I see, I prefer male delta ralts… I guess you have female delta ralts? haha

Oh no, I have a male one. I just asked beforehand in case you wanted a female gardevoir or a gallade.

I don’t need any particular mon, but I do require help with something: You see, the pokemon Delta Phantump evolves via trading, but for some reason he does not evolve with the help of Witchdoctor. So I ask of you in return for the male delta Ralts that you do two trades with me:

  1. My delta Phantump for any of your pokemon, don’t care which.

  2. My male delta Ralts for that delta Phantump/Trevenant

Is that acceptable?

Okay! My username is cabetsiit, yours?

My username is psychaotic555.

I am already online

Me too!

Crap I forgot you need them in your party, my apologies

I’ll try again

Never mind hahaha. Tell me when you are ready

I just tried again, but I got a weird glitch where the game throws me out nearly instantly

Perhaps because I have eggs in my party…

I dont think so, I received a egg just before you haha

Are you in version 1.2.2?

yes, as far as I am aware.

I’ll try again now

Tell me when you are online and we do it at the same time, like first one! :slight_smile:

I just send the request

I went out sorry, send again cause I dont know where to see my requests

Just sent you a request

I saw you party empty :frowning:

Patience, I didn; t see anything at your side either until later. I did manage to offer just now…

where can I see the requests you send me, in gts?