Hypno with dream eater?

When I looked on bulbapedia or some other website it said that hypno could only learn dream eater through breed. When I tried to make a path to find how to get dream eater to hypno it seemed super complex and i got stuck trying to find an amorphous/humanlike but there wasn’t any from what i see and my brain cant process more than that much of a chain or i get really confused. can anyone help me make a em path to get dream eater onto hypno? also does he learn barrier by level? i got different results from different websites.

So from what I can tell it should be possible if you go Hoothoot (m) + Togetic (f) -> Togetic (m) + Skitty (f) -> Skitty (m) + Spinda (f) -> Spinda (m) + Hypno (f). I really hope there’s a simpler chain than that.

Barrier appears to be an egg move.

jesus christ thats a long chain. thanks for the help though!