How's this team for story

Greninja(protean) +spA -A Life orb w/ Hydropump, Extrasensory, Smack down, Surf Blaziken(speed boost) +A -spA no item yet w/ Fire pledge, Sky uppercut, Blaze kick, Flare blitz Excadrill(sand rush) +A - spA no item yet w/ Earthquake, Metal claw, Swords dance, Dig Tyranitar(sand stream) +A -spA Armor w/ Stone edge, Stealth rock, Dragon dance, Crunch Rotom-mow(levitate) +spA -Def no item yet w/ Thunderbolt, Hex, Discharge, Leaf storm D-Charizard(spirit call) +A -Spe (unfortunately) Mega stone w/ Phantom force, Lunar canon, Dragon pulse, Fly

I have basic knowledge of breeding, but not a lot. So my natures and move pools might not be perfect. Also if you guys could give me some suggestions for items, would be great! Can’t wait for 1.2!

Double STAB on most pokemon is fairly useless so I’d replace the surf/hydro pump Same with blaziken double stab is useless Also with excadrill double stab Rotom-mow should have willow-wisp he’s fairly fast and can abuse it nicely, also get timid on him D-Charizard can use a new moon in that set and replace fly with it Other than that the set is fine outside of your blaziken tyranitar and excadrill having a rough time vs earth types.

Greninja: if you want to go SpA, try catching a female Protean Frogadier in friend safari and breed it with a male Lapras that knows Ice Beam, so you’ll have a Protean Froakie that knows Ice Beam. Ice Beam, Surf/Scald, Extrasensory, Grass Knot.

Blaziken: remove Fire Pledge and replace with Power up Punch or Bulk up for stat boost, or Rock Tomb for coverage. Remove Blaze Kick and replace with Protect (free speed boost). Item: Life Orb for sweeping, Leftovers for more longevity.

Excadrill: replace Dig with Rock Slide for coverage or Rapid Spin to remove entry hazards. Item: Air Balloon.

Rotom: like Jerebere said, replace Discharge with Will-o-Wisp. Item: Leftovers or Expert Belt.

Delta Charizard: replace Fly with either Dragonify, Frost Breath or Draco Jet.

Thanks for the replies guys, team is looking better. just 2 quick questions. How do I get grass knot on greninja and will o wisp on rotom? Those tms aren’t in the game yet are they?

You can’t get willowisp on a rotom at the moment.

For grass knot and ice beam, get a male smeargle and sketch ice beam and grass knot. Breed this smeargle with a female piplup, and hope you get male piplup. Breed this with female protean Froakie and you will have a Froakie with ice beam and grass knot.

Ah ok thanks, one more quick question (im new to this). How do I sketch grass knot and ice beam on a smeargle?

For sketching a move, people usually bring the smeargle(holding a lagging tail is recommended) and the pokemon knowing the move and hunt for a double battle in friend safaris. In a double battle, use the move, then sketch it with smeargle. Lagging tail ensures smeargle moves after the other pokemon so sketch doesn’t fail.

You can also go to a smeargle friend safari, lead with the pokemon knowing the move, use the move, opponent smeargle sketches it, switch in your smeargle, use sketch. This way is probably faster than searching for double battles. (Credit for this idea: @Wwcheezburger)

Repeat for grass knot after leveling up smeargle(it learns sketch every 10 levels) or using a heart scale to relearn sketch. Giving the smeargle a lagging tail and giving the other pokemon a quick claw helps.

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Thanks a lot guys, currently have a male smeargle in the day care with grass knot and ice beam, love it. (getting the double battles was tedious as hell though…)

Use Wwcheez’s idea it gets your moves a lot faster

Protean female greninja + male piplup with ice beam and grass knot gave me a torrent froakie with only grass knot? I suck at this haha

Here’s some advice: level up the piplup to at least 30 before putting it in the daycare, otherwise it will override ice beam and grass knot with level up moves. There’s a 60 percent chance for your Froakie to get protean, so you were just unlucky.

Finally got one! Like 6 torrent Froakies… Thanks a lot man. Definitely doing to get more in to breeding, seems like a good time.