Hows my team?

Delta Charizard






Havnt decided on the moves yet cause im pretty new. im on keplar city now

Your team seem good. You’ll probably want either the flygonite or the flygon armour for your flygon. You might want tyranitar armour for your tyranitar.

wheres a water type? if it was me… Id Get rid of charizard and get a water type or electric. the rest are decent

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You might want coverage against ground types, otherwise it’s good

get a fire type without extra vulnerabilities. Also, two steel types is a bit interesting.

As for water, protean greninja/huge power azumarill are my personal favorites.

i would like a greninja with protean but isnt the odds really hard??

thnx. do u know anyway i can get a charizardite x or y??

Only way at the moment is to get the starter mega in purity mode for Y. X is unobtainable.

greninja with protean is 20% in friend safari ragnarok345. i have some extras too. the hard part are the egg moves. i can get you one free with the usual moves, but if you want IVs you’ll have to give me something.

are you mega evolving flygon? there are two completely different setups. If you aren’t, you need to run physical and give it armor. if you are, it’s special

also, you probably shouldn’t worry about charizardite when you have 4 other usable megas on your team already, some of which can really use the mega, whose stones are already accesible

thnx and btw i got that protean forakie. metagross is out for now


and im mega evolving flygon. keeping the armor for tyranitar

Im finally using nicknames cause i saw that they can be a hell of a problem in here r the names:

Charizard- Berserker


D.Charizard- Hades

Tyranitar- Godzilla

Flygon- Tremor

Greninja- Kakashi