How's my team?

Please tell one more Pokemon to add in team






I wanted an all delta team
And please tell any corrections

I’ll tell you the same thing as the other person who posted about their team: If you’re looking for useful advice, you need to list out more than just what pokemon you’re using. That means listing natures, EV spreads, held items, and movesets.

Psycho boost
Lunar cannon

D.bisharp/wide lens(for high jump kick)
Blaze kick
High jump kick
Bulk up

D.gardevoir/choice scarf
Ice beam
Calm mind


D.pidgeot/wise glasses
Drakon voice
Dark pulse
Sucker punch

Belly drum
Wood hammer
Synthesis/drain punch

Petal dance
Flash cannon
Iron head

I don’t believe in IVs

Don’t believe in IVs or EVs? lol
Well, I’d give D. Bisharp a Life Orb and Swords Dance instead of Bulk Up. Aerialate is an ability, did ya mean Aerial Ace? Maybe give it Drain Punch instead of High Jump Kick for longevity.
D. Venusaur would benefit from more coverage like Thunderbolt instead of Psycho Boost, and Pain Split or Shadow Ball instead of Lunar Cannon.
If you want to keep the Scarf on D. Gardevoir, I’d replace Calm Mind with a coverage move.
Life Orb on D. Pidgeot, maybe replace one of your moves with Roost.
D. Noivern could benefit from Nasty Plot instead of Iron Head, maybe give it a Life Orb or Wise Glasses.
By the way, your team is pretty frail against fire, I could send you a Delta Water type, like D. Serperior. (would be nice to give it a tanky build)

Please tell d.serperior’s specification

Calm or Bold nature, probably multiscale

Give it Leftovers with Aqua Ring and Substitute. Probably scald for burning and a coverage move TM that can be switched depending on the situation.
Set up against a Pokémon that won’t do much damage. Sub immediately if it has Toxic or some other utility move.

Can you give it to me after 1week?

Should I keep noivern or snorlax?

D. Snorlax is extremely good. I’d keep it if I were you.