How you doing?

Now that you have finished the game, what are you doing right now? I just finished the game and i don’t know what to do now, any advice??

You could go into breeding, filling in the pokedex, and getting rare megastones (like the other starters)

At least thats what i think you can do once you finish the game, or the current version of it.

Use tesseract to find hidden pokemon and items, filling in the pokedex, breeding competitive mons, prepping for next update, hoarding shinies, starting a new game on challenge mode
theres a few things I’ve done so far.

I level Up all my Pokémon at lvl 80. Also, for my team, i use EV trainer to make my pokémon as optimal as it’s possible. Every day I visit all Hidden grotto, i have all the Delta except Combee so I expect to have it. I catch all pokémon i can and evolve them. Also, i visit all the game, because with Tesseract we have many secret to unravel. Hopefull that we have the secret base with many functions to spend time ^^ And for finish, I wait the next version to continue the game !!! ^^