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How yo get Pokken Gardevoir?

I am trying to get all the Pokémon and I am now in the work of collecting the pokken I already have Pokken Lucario and Pokken Machamp but I am missing Pokken Gardevoir and the wiki says that to get Pokken Lucario, Machamp and Pokken Gardevoir you need to pass the League without any Pokémon faintend but I did it and the boy dressed in Team Rocket only gave me Pokken Lucario and Machamp but not Pokken Gardevoir I had an easy time the first time I got Pokken Lucario and Pokken Machamp then I passed it in mode normal but it did not give me anything else I do not know if it was why I spent it with legendary but it was very complicated with my team so I resorted to the legendary ones. Does anyone know if I am doing something wrong?

I think a black belt gives ya the garde, not rocket

Ok thanks but exactly where is that black belt? What about the league?

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He is inside the poke league I believe

Ah ok thaks