How to shiny hunt starters?

I want to shiny hunt my delta charmander, so how do I do that???

save in front of the starter you want to hunt, obtain the starter, and if the follower sprite isn’t shiny then f12

Is when I save important?

kind of, you need to save right in front of the starter for optimal reset times

oh ok

What do u mean by follower sprite? I am rly new to this game

Is it like the sprite that is behingd u?


yes, it’ll have it’s shiny colours

Oh ok… did u just flez a shiny ray?


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it’s basically the only shiny I had on me atm, plus it’s a large follower sprite so why not

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damn sbeve flexing on us

when i dont get a shiny in say 5 days(ik its pretty early) i like to check whether its gender/ivs are changing. that lets me know that the mon im hunting each time is different, meaning that the encounter isnt bugged or stmth. once i saved in the encounter cutscene somehow and i got the same exact mon over and over. loaded a backup so all good