How to progress

I’ve finished the orion questline as well as the one to catch groudon and unlock heatran and volcanion. may i know how to unlock selene quest? cant seem to find her at the city

Go to your dream realm again, I think. Also the person you’re talking about is Diana, I’m pretty sure.

i dun see her at her city tho i cant remember if i talk to her also as i dun have the parcel in my inventory which means i haven talk to her at all. do i have to fight elite 4 second time?

I think so yeah.

i was told elite 4 rematch not ready yet. so i not sure how to progress.

and how do i go dream realm agn?

It only opens up after the Reukra quest. The prerequisites are the Taen quest, Holon quest, and going back to the Dream realm. To go back to the dream realm, go up a waterfall in Rote 5.

thx will try tat!

how to get water fall?

It’s in the Holon Pyramid. It’s called the magic carpet.

hmm wads the pre requisite for holon? the professor is not at suntouched city?

also is it important to clear scientist club in korril town?

Yes. You also need to defeat the timeless in Amphrite cave.

all 7 plus red? i cleared tat. so i shld clear scientist club quest?


any idea what happen to damian and malde in the game?

They get more story later.

released or not yet?

Everything in the game is out aside from a bugged pokemon and 1 delta line. The story is complete.

Where do u go once u have left the dream realm?