How to make Sableye learn Will o wisp

I’m trying to figure out how to make a Sableye learn will o wisp. In ORAS i had the TM, it was pretty easy, here i’m trying to get over that problem. The idea was, make a prankster female Sableye breed a male pokemon with that ability cuz it will be given to the egg (i’m i right?!?). Later make that pokemon (female with prankster) breed with a kadabra with recover, so i’ll get my Sableye with recover will o wisp taunt(i can get that tm) and Fourplay. (i loved that pokemon in ORAS). But i can’t figure out wich pokemon can learn will o wisp that can breed with Sableyeémon)

I can not see pokemon in common… Help plz :-/

I’m only around lvl 30, but i wanna play with this pokemon in the early game, cuz with insurgence is possible to play around “smart build” and early on.

P.S. i know someone menaged to get that pokemon cuz he is trading it

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Should be possible if you chain breed Will O Wisp from Vulpix to Infernape and then to Sableye. IIRC someone had success in getting the two moves together by breeding a female Sableye with Recover with the Infernape.

thx man, i gotta put my ass to work!

Ok, I’m a noob to breeding, so would litwick not work for breeding? (If I’m being stupid the sry)

Sableye and Litwick are in different egg groups (Human-like and Amorphous, respectively), so they would be unable to breed with each other.