How to get to Red Orb?

Back with another question! I’m in Holon Volcano and according to the wiki, I found it. Problem is, lava is surrounding it and I can’t see a way there. Can someone help me found how to get to it?

I think you have to use tesseract but maybe I’m remembering it wrong

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use tesseract

after catchin the delta

Yes, I saw the tesseract, can the tesseract reach that distance though? I can only see it out of the corner of my screen

no you have do the delta registeel quest thing and go up there

I’ve already seen him get captured if thats what you’re pertaining to, which is when the blue and red orb showed up. The blue orb was right next to me and popped into existence which by conclusion, the red orb did the same

go to the place

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Apparently those instructions lead me instead to Sablenite…

I had already gotten the sablenite, but there’s no red orb to be seen