How to get to Narra Town?

I’ve seen a few people say that the hiking boots quest was bugged and that you couldn’t get them right now. So my question is how do you get to Narra Town without them? Is there a Alternate route, or has the but been fixed?

You get there by going through mount rose. Also the hiking boots were fixed, but that’s post game anyway.

Alright I had a feeling that it was that way. I went there at around 3AM last night thinking to go there, but I was too tired to continue on that way. One more question though, have you found the location of D.Lucario and D.Geodude? I found Delta Shuckle the other day but a part of me said what the Hell would Delta Shuckle be and continued on my way saying I’d go back for it later.

D. Geodude is at the ancient ruins and D. Lucario is in the holon desert pyramid at the bottom floor. Go to the bottom and to the top right. If you find a pinkish purple stone console, Click it and type in “SEKHMET”

Thanks Dechozen. I’ll continue on as soon as my electricity turns back on, Lucario has always been another favorite of mine. But Cyndaquil, Jolteon, and Blaziken are always going to be the 3 Pokemon I like most. Most people would rather have D.Gallade in their party. But Jolteon is my buddy, has been since generation 1. It’s the only Pokemon I ever had that could execute my brothers Pokemon. (I come from a gamer family, Pokemon, Sonic, etc)

How do you get back in through mt.Rose? It’s blocked off by a bunch of rocks at Rose Crater.

Go to the perfection base first.

I’m there. How do I open the door?

Oh shit, you were supposed to go to the mount rose checkpoint and meet with nora first. I assumed you already did that. The door I think you’re talking about is the door where you get your starter mega stone i think

How do I open the door? Or how do I pass through Mt. Rose Base?

you should find Nora and then she talks to you. You have 2 options: going with her to Jade Tower in Helios City or going by your own. There, you do some stuff and you return to the checkpoint in mount rose base!

Where do you find Nora after Jaern loses to the Giratina dude?

You’re supposed to go back to the mew cave.

does anyone know where the hiking boots are, I have beaten the champion

Go do Orion’s story.

Where do I find Orion postgame?

what this guy said

In his gym

who is orion again

wait nvm