How to get Delta Pokemon

A while ago, I accidentally murked a couple of Delta pokemon I really liked (aipom and pidgey, and because I forgot to save before fighting them, I’ll never get them back. Is there any way to obtain them in game, or if someone is willing to trade for them? I’m relatively new to the game and trying to complete the pokedex but I’ve been catching all the pokemon I’ve encountered so far, so if anyone wants one I’ll trade it for a pokemon mentioned above. I’ll even try changing around game code and stuff if anyone knows how to do that, but I don’t know if that’s allowed

The only way to get them is to trade with someone else, also trying to mess with the game code could get you a ban from the online features of the game

Thanks, does anyone have a delta pidgey or aipom then? I don’t have a delta ditto yet, so I can’t breed for duplicate deltas, but I would be willing to trade anything else (except said deltas) for those two.