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How to get all four starters with megastones?

can i trade with my other save files on the same computer? to get all the starters?

You’ll eventually get all of them through progressing through the game. And their megastones are available in the battle frontier

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so i dont need to trade them from different saves?

Nah. Besides you can’t do that without a middle man. Since you can’t trade from the same ip.
But eh since I’m here, I’ll go in depth at where you can get the other starters.

Normally you pick one at the beginning of your journey.

You get the 2nd one from Professor after you defeat the champion

You get the 3rd one from doing a quest with Damien in the dream realm.

If you pick eevee though, you don’t have to go for the 3rd step since with the new patch, you get all 3 starters from the professor. Although if you don’t pick eevee then eevee itself can be obtained from relatively easy means through breeding.

All of their mega stones can be purchased from the battle frontier for relatively cheap.


thanks :ok_hand: just kidding i know what that sign means, just messing around