How to get a Donphan with play rough?

I’m trying to learn the breeding mechanics of the game and I’d like to get a Donphan with play rough.

So my understanding is (in addition to get the nature I want) have female phanphy w/everstone + male poke who can give the baby play rough (I have a purrloin). Then hatch the egg and level it up?

The egg should have the move as soon as it hatches

It didn’t ):

Did your purrloin forget it while in the daycare by any chance?

Does one of the parents need to have the move learned to give it to the egg?


Argh! Breeding is hard. Maybe I’ll just stick to normal catching and leveling in the mean time lol.

Or just do breeding after I finish the current story.

It’s worth it. Trust me

So are the four moves the egg will have random unless you use a move deleter? So I’m breeding a phanpy + Purrloin. Once I level purrloin and give it play rough, how would I guarantee the egg have it?

Play rough + three other random purrloin moves should work

So are the moves the egg receives bestowed by the male and the nature by the female?

Nature by whomever is holding everstone egg moves by both species by female

Alright. So is there a hierarchy/priority for which moves are received?

Say a female Phanphy has takedown, odor sleuth, rollout, curl. Purrloin has tackle, play rough, scratch, growl. Would it guaranteed receive play rough as a move because it’s a breed only move?

The phanpy should only have play rough and its level one moves iirc.

And then in the actual game(not the simulators) you can’t have more than one breed-moves onto a poke? So I can’t have a Donphan with play rough, ice shard, EQ, and heavy slam because 3/4 of them are breed moves from a different parent?

Just get a smeargle with those four and breed it with donphan

Do as cow says, in this game the egg moves pass down as long as the parents are compatible.