How to get a crown on my quagsire

How i can patch my quagsire as i see in some of my fav youtubers @TyranitarTube they have a qugsire whose name quago and she have a crown on his head and along his playthrough he also faced some king quagsire and 1 queen quagsire in his recent videos so actually my point is that how i can get a crown on my quagsire my quagsire’s gender is female I WANT QUEEN QuAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Simply edit the sprites in the game folders. They’ll be in Graphics/Battlers. The sprites are named after the Pokemon’s dex number, so quagsire is #195 and #195b.

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wait how to edit the sprites

Open them in an art program. I recommend FireAlpaca as it has a Pixel Art option and saving your files as .pngs.

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can you do that for me cas i dont understand


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why not

Don’t feel like it. You should probably ask somebody else on the forums or just take the high road and learn to do it yourself.

who can help me do this ???

Shrug. Just make a thread asking in #off-topic:general-art.