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How to evolve to delta buneary

I know it’s because of a bad friendship but how can I make the pokemon hate me?

Have them faint a lot. That’s the best way to remove friendship. If you’re Nuzlocking, then I don’t know.

You can purchase bitter herbs such as Revival Herb, Energy Powder, et cetera in both Narra Town and the Black Market. Continually let Delta Buneary faint, revive and heal it with the bitter medicine, and rinse and repeat until it is at the lowest friendship level. You can find a friendship marker for the different levels of friendship here.

May I add that it’s one of the most f*cked up evolution methods I’ve ever seen? lol poor cute little thing

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I agree.

I would buy a few revival herbs and repeatedly let it die in combat. Then, revive it. Repeat until it evolves.

If you are nuzlocking, then just get it’s hp to red and use the bitter powder stuff. Rinse and repeat. It will take longer than the fainting but it works.

Good point. I completely forgot about the bitter medicine. That would have been helpful to remember when I was evolving mine. :sweat_smile: