How to evolve Staryu?

I got a Water Stone from one of the ladies in a house in Midna Town and caught a Staryu on Route 2. How do I evolve my Staryu to Starmie? I know its worse than Marill in the long run but I want Starmie as a glass cannon.

All I had to do to evolve mine was to select the Water Stone and use it on Staryu. Be careful, though, because Starmie does not learn any moves by leveling up! If you want a glass cannon, I highly recommend you level up your Staryu until you get some powerful moves, then use the Stone.

Do you know of any powerful or useful moves and what levels they can be learned at? Thanks!émon)/Generation_VI_learnset#By_leveling_up
Take a look at this page to decide when to use the water stone.

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