How to evolve Lvl 120 Pokemon

I’m currently doing the Holon Quest and just reached Holon Marsh with a Lvl 120 team (i thank Gentleman Dun for that). I encountered a Delta Tentacool at Lvl 120 but according to my knowledge (wiki), Tentacool evolves at Lvl 30. What can I do to evolve it? I’m aiming to get complete Pokedex+Shiny Charm. Thanks :)))))))

Rare Candy :happy:

thanks man i’ll try it

lmk if it works

I doubt that’ll work, you’ll have to breed it with a D. Ditto.

u just cant

works in SwSh, should work here.

this is gen 6

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i know but they added things from future versions

what did they add from gen 8?

only one thing from gen 7

Insurgence has only gen 6 mechanics, excluding some breeding mechanics which are from gen 5 I think, and Complete Zygarde, which of course is from gen 7

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what about the witchdoctor? or does she only work for trade evos?

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only trade evos

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