How to eliminate drift in DS4 Windows

So I know the game isn’t optimized for controller support however using a keyboard with my laptop is just too rough on my wrists (they keep rubbing the edges of it which makes them raw and sore). Saw across multiple forums that many people use DS4 Windows as a workaround and so far it’s done it’s job.

But the main issue I am having with this is that the Joysticks are just way too sensitive and the slightest input sends the cursor zooming around the menu even when I think I’m not touching the joystick. The most apt description is that it is similar to Joy Con drift however it’s much worse.

I also do not have this issue when using DS4 Windows for other games such as emulators, gamepass, PC games, etc. It is only when the profile is set to emulate keyboard bindings.

So does anyone know how to change the joystick configuration so that it’s less sensitive.

Also, I am not very adept with this sort of thing so in depth step by step would be the most preferable.

Appreciate any and all who are able to help on this matter! Thanks in advance!