How to counter Haunter?

I’m new to the game and only on the second gym and everything i have gets one hit by Haunter. I figured the perfect pokemon would be Zoroark since it takes half reduced damaged to both ghost and dark but he still gets one hit. This is my team right now, any help would be appreciated.

Does your Delta Blastoise know Shadow Sneak? You could teach it Bulk Up (the TM is in Telnor Cave), send it out first and set up as many Bulk Ups as you can, then when Haunter comes out just OHKO it with Shadow Sneak. If it doesn’t know Shadow Sneak, you can reteach it in your Secret Base for a Heart Scale.

Alternatively, if you’re ok with training a new Pokemon, you could use anything that learns Sucker Punch and has a good Attack stat.

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Well, you can always just level your zoroark more with wild pkmon