How to change the type in the friend safari

I’m new and I just recently bought a secret base and when I went to the friend safari, I only found bug type how do I get other types?

Visiting other people’s Secret Bases.

the type of pkmn in ur friend safari is set at the beginning of the game and can’t be changed unless you start another save file.

the insurgence wiki (page below) has more info about it, as well a list of names of other friend safaris with specific types and pkmn:

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@thePotato this is weird, as I remember having a type, having the game crash without saving, and coming back to a different type.

Oh that’s interesting. I remember hearing that it’s set when you start the game, but maybe you’re right that it’s set when you buy a secret base? From my experience tho, I’ve always had an ice safari for the whole game. Luckily, you can always find a more suitableone pretty easily within a few seconds using the cave entrance above your safari, so it’s not bad if you don’t like your typing.

My understanding is that your friend safari type is randomly selected when you purchase a secret base and the only way to re-roll it it is to reset your base.
It’s important to note that resetting your base means having to entirely redecorate.

It resets every time u buy a secret base, so resetting to generate new pokemon types works. i used to have fire types, now i have dragon