How to catch a totodile

i was wondering how i can capture it?? i used 22 pokeball and 4 megaball with a low hp totodile and nothing? what i have to do? why is so insane catch a base pokemon???difficult influence the catch rate too??

Weird, shouldn’t be that hard to catch a totodile. You could try again, maybe you just had bad luck.

is ok for me for the game to be hard…but those insane difficult on catch pokemon make me really upset :frowning: i not have any t wave user for now …i have only delta charmaleon and alakazam.i want totodile for my team…is alredy 2 time i reset cause i finish the balls

Really weird. Have you tried to catch any other pokemon or is it just totodile that doesn’t work?

i have catched abra easily at my third encounter cause he flee at first turn so u have to catch it at first turn with a poke ball…i hope to catch it now…he alredy have a 10% chance of appear…and if i have to reset so many time .is really bad

You may have to go on a bit without it. Try again in a while, or keep trying.

gotcha…first poke ball now…mind crack omg after 1 hour i have it


Your luck must have been real bad, try to have a Pokemon in your team to catch other pokemon, it makes life easier.
For example, some pokemon that cause sleep or paralysis.

i know…but i am at the beginnig of the game and i had just 2 pokemon cause i was not intrested in other pokemon i have ecountered…i am using the wiki so when i see that i can found a pokemon i want for my team i capture it.i am curios to know if change the game difficult from hard to easy would help with atch rate

Difficulty does not affect catch rate as far as I’m aware

Alright, was just a suggestion. Even if the Pokemon is something you don’t want but can be used to capture others, would go for it.
Also, difficulty doesn’t have anything related to capturing. It only affects the trainers/gyms Pokemon level and moveset and your own leveling experience.

what u mean on leveling experience?? on hard i need more exp for level up??

Nope, there is a level cap that after you reach it you only gain 1 exp.

oh …is like for avoid u to be overlivveled for the gy u have to fight?

same here, i used over 30 pokeballs, put it on 1hp and even put it to sleep… it still kept breaking out