How to be notified when new patches/updates are released?

What is says in the title: is there a way to be notified (preferably by email, but something like RSS would work, too) when new patches and updates are released?

I just finished the story in 1.1.7 (and I really liked it, by the way), but I probably won’t play it again until new content is released.

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I’m not to sure but I suggest making a competitive team as size HAS tweeted the E4 and the other gyms will be hard as F%^& (So you can live when the finished product DOES come out)

The next version of the forums software will have a rss feature,so I’ll have to look at that then. Besides that, I am contemplating a mass email to all forum users when 1.2 gets released. That’s still something I need to discuss with the other moderators though.

3 Likes works as RSS feed for downloads by the way

Cool! I’ll subscribe to that.

Thanks for the help/info. Looking forward to the rest of the game, when it’s completed.