How to add an item?

I’m making custom sprites to add more clothes, and I was wondering how can I add a NEW piece of cloathing in the game? (instead of replacing an existent one)

You can’t. Only Suze can edit the code, so the best we can do is edit the sprites that the code tells the game to use.

Well, if you don’t want to replace those that you don’t like already in, you better make good enough clothes/make Suze notice so that they eventually end up in-game.

Thanks for your answer friend! Well I guess that replacing it for now will have to do :slight_smile:

I’m just changing some colors that I think would give a life into some clothes. Already made a Ash’s Hat and a White jacket… But I think Suze has more in his head with some other features of the game to worry about my work!! ^^" Hahaha Anyway if I found one of these worth sharing I post it here! :wink: who knows?! Maybe he like some :smile: