How to activate crystal delta metagross

in the latest update it said crystal delta metagross is available but i can’t seem too activate it i have tried using crystal rush while it was normal delta metagross ruin used it while mega evolving used it after i mega evolved it what am i doing wrong?

It needs to be holding a Crystal Piece as well.

i gave it an crystal piece and used crystal rush still doesnt work

As far as I know, it’s not a matter of using Crystal Rush; you can use any move you want. Rather, the Crystal Fragment (not Crystal Piece) works like a mega-stone.

Crystal fragment?

A new item added this update. Can’t recall where I found it, since I’ve run across all of Torren twice and Holon once looking for new stuff. It was in a cave somewhere, I think.

thx for the info

i think i know the location sounds about right if it is in the crystal caves so if anyone wants crystal delta metagross i will soon say where it i

You’re welcome! Have a good day.

ok so i checked the crystal caves searcged fir hidden items even in diancies room i am now taking a break and preparing my self since i am about too search trough every single cave there is

Does anyone mind telling me what are the benefits of the crystal form besides getting STAB for crystal rush? I’ve been curious about that since the reveal of it.

Like any mega evolution, higher stats (though I don’t know what the precise numbers are for that); additionally, its ability changes to weak armor.

Thanks. I thought it might get weak armor based off of what is said about it in the site of pokemon azurite (a pokemon fangame insurgence has a crossover with witch delta metagross is a part of) but I wasn’t sure.

The Crystal Fragment is in the boulder puzzle area in the Perfection Base.

ty man

Crystal Meta effectively becomes pure Grass type, except with stab unresisted priority. Weak armor for sweeping and higher Attack and speed, tho lower Defense.